Changing daily healthcare.
"KAMPO ME !" is an open innovation project.

  • We make the circumstances that the KAMPO doctor is always beside you with the help of ICT.
  • We monitor body and mind imbalance naturally in daily life, and provide the platform of KAMPO service from the disease-oriented state.
  • We aim for the KAMPO culture to become as established one in daily life, and realize the society of increasing the human health span.


Many people in stressful modern society are suffering from unexplained disorder.

Imbalance, Disease-oriented state




QOL improvement

KAMPO self-care in daily life can improve QOL and increase life energy.

KAMPO diagnosis

KAMPO medicines depend on its long history ofclinical tacit knowledge. KAMPO diagnosis isquestioning, tongue, pulse, and abdominal palpation.

Sensors for e-diagnosis

Objectifying diagnosis and observations by sensors.

To identify “SHO”

Based on the diagnostic results, doctor classifies the pattern of “SHO” (SHO means mind and body constitution & symptom)

Prescription & Treatment

Self-Care KAMPO medicine and CureAcupuncture

Diagnostic logic of KAMPO

Big data based formulation of KAMPO diagnosis by machine learning.

High quality herbal medicine

Realization of quality assurance system of herbal medicine and quality improvement.


KAMPO Roller KAMPO Roller
Pulse Diagnoses Built in Alarm< Alarm Clock Checking Pulse
Channel and My Body Suit KAMPO Bodysuit
Pen-shaped Tongue Checker A Pen-Shaped Device
BERO (Tongue) Checker BERO (Tongue) Checker

KAMPO Roller
(for disease-oriented control)

Because the lower part of this device has a built-in sensing roller that lightly touches the place of interest including abdominal area, it can measure the health condition. Effects from massaging and additional diet also can be expected. For example, the sensor light turns red if there is something wrong with the subject’ s health from the viewpoint of KAMPO medicine. The results of the abdominal diagnosis will be transferred to a tablet terminal, and some recommendations based on KAMPO medicine such as the “KI” (life energy), “KETSU” (blood and organs) and “SUI” (liquid) balance of the subject’ s body and countermeasures will be displayed.

Alarm Clock Checking Pulse
(for disease-oriented control)

Understand your health condition from the everyday movement to turn off your alarm clock in the morning. When you stop the alarm by putting your wrist onto the top of this device for several seconds, it checks your pulse from the viewpoint of KAMPO medicine and shows some recommendations on the display: "Your pulse is weak and sunken this morning. Are you in depression state? If so, why don’t you take some KAMPO drugs?”. Since the daily pulse diagnosis data can be accumulated in data centers through this device, more detailed follow-up investigation using past data is also available.

KAMPO Bodysuit
(for medical care, or disease-oriented control)

This is a bodysuit with sensors which measures the condition of pulse and flow of life energy all over the body. It automatically scans the condition of our internal body. Whenever it senses a physical disorder, lights show the abnormality points. It also applies digital pressure to the right acupressure points to recover the abnormality. Since sensors can be easily separated from the bodysuit, you can attach sensors to your favorite wears.

A Pen-Shaped Device that Inspects
Your Tongue (for disease-oriented control)

It is easy to inspect your tongue with a pen-shaped device that has a light source and an imaging sensor on its tip. The diagnosis results, such as tongue color and shape, are displayed on a tablet terminal. The device can be used by people of a wide range of ages, and it can be easily introduced, even to small clinics.

BERO (Tongue) Checker
(for medical care)

Even a child who dislikes a medical examinations can feel a certain pleasure with this animal-shaped sensing equipment. It is made with a soft material. You open the mouth of the ‘animal’ by putting pressure on its side when you place the device on a tongue to make a model of it with an internal gelatinous material. Because it is disposable, after internal gel collection, the device is presented as a souvenir to the child.



Toshihiko Hanawa


Hiroshi Odaguchi


Tadaaki Kawanabe


Tetsuya Sasaki


Erika Kataoka


Mi Xiaoyu



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